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4 layer purple stick tower

137.000 BD
4 layer chocolate stick tower consist of 240pcs chocolates 3.4kg.

50 Cube Giveaways

70.000 BD
50 boxes 2 pcs of chocolate per box

Acrylic horizontal choco tray

43.000 BD
Tray contains 1.5kg of assorted chocolates 130pcs. Length 55cm, width 20cm.

Al Adha Tray 5

55.500 BD
1.500 assorted chocolate

Anthurium leather tray

84.500 BD
Tray consist of 1.820kg chocolates. Length: 45cm, Width: 40cm.

Arabic pattern bowl

40.000 BD
.700g Assorted Chocolates

Blue chocolate stick mini tower

30.000 BD
Tower contains .6oog assorted chocolates (42pcs). Height 44cm, Length 28cm.

Blue chocolate stick tower

70.600 BD100.300 BD
Big – 2.910kg Consist of 208pcs chocolates. Small – 1.680kg Consist of 120pcs chocolates.