Scope of Responsibility:

Fleuriste provides its services through its network of vendors that offer products. The vendors’ return and refund policy in addition to their terms and conditions supersede Fleuriste’s however, Fleuriste, in its effort to protect its customers, might enforce its policy over the vendors’ policies, when necessary, in the conditions set forth.
Depending on the status of the orders, consumers can request for cancellation and return, which are permissible by Fleuriste before orders have been processed and/or delivered. Once products have been processed, shipped or delivered, the vendors’ policy in addition to their terms and conditions will be enforceable.



Fleuriste permits cancellation prior to the processing of the order and/or shipping process and in accordance with the seller’s policy. Cancellation is processed once the vendor approves.
Consumers can cancel their order within the time-frame specified in the invoice and their refund will be processed in full.
Cancellation is permissible according to the following reasons:
• Itemes are not delivered within the promised time-frame.
• Seller has materially changed the item’s description after the order has been placed or a clear typographical error has been made
• Change of mind
If the item has been processed or shipped, the consumer shall refer to the seller’s policy, as the seller might impose charges relating to the shipping and/or payment process.

Fleuriste, as a vendor:

In regards to Fleuriste’s policy concerning cancellation, Fleuriste permits cancellation prior to the shipping process and/or the commencement of the order and the consumer shall receive full refund. However, if the consumer cancels the order after the product has been shipped, he/she shall be liable to pay cancellation charge, which includes shipping and payment process fees, provided that cancellation is not due to an error from Fleuriste. If consumer cancels the order after Fleuriste commenced working on the order due to reasons other than Fleuriste’s fault, Fleuriste will deduct the costs reasonably incurred from the refund.

Return Policy:

If the customer is not satisfied with his/her purchase subsequent to delivery, he/she must refer to the seller’s return policy. While most sellers offer a return policy compatible to Fleuriste due to the enforcement of Fleuriste’s General Terms & Conditions in addition to its Seller’s Terms and Conditions, it might still vary. Therefore, it is advised that customers are aware of the seller’s return and refund policy – available at the profile page of the vendor – before purchasing.
Fleuriste, as a vendor, permits return between 7 to 14 days depending on the nature and type of product, provided that the item is in good condition and unused along with its packaging, original tags and certificates/documents in addition to it not being classified as a non-returnable item. Therefore, the consumer must refer to the specific return conditions for each item/category before purchase.

If return is due to reasons not caused by Fleuriste’ error, the consumer shall bear the shipping charges for both return and delivery.
If return is due to Fleuriste’s error, Fleuriste shall bear the costs of returning, delivering, repairing and all other costs incurred in recovering the product, otherwise, the consumer will be refunded.

Return is applicable for the following reasons:

  • Item is damaged, defective, counterfeit or not as described by the seller
    • Wrong item has been delivered
    • Change of mind/Dissatisfaction
    For defective items, the consumer shall notify the seller within 15 days from the date of delivery. For damaged/counterfeit/not as described items, the consumer shall notify the seller immediately at the time of delivery.
    Once notified, the seller shall replace the product, repair the defect or return the item with a full refund to the consumer after the defect/damage has been inspected.
    For wrong items delivered, the consumer must contact the vendor immediately upon the receipt of the item in order to arrange for a return and redelivery or a return with full refund.
    Once return is approved, the seller will request the carrier to collect the items for return.
    If return is due to reasons not caused by vendors’ error, the consumer will bear the shipping charges for both delivery and return unless waived by the vendor who accepts to bear the charge(s). Hence, the return fee is subject to the vendor’s policy.

Fleuriste Non-Returnable Items:

The return of a product is subject to its type and nature and therefore, the consumer must check the return conditions before purchase.

A general list of non-returnable items includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consumable items
    • Health, personal and hygiene care items
    • Products with their retail packaging, seals or boxes opened or missing any tags or labels
    • Products not in the same condition as received, whether used or damaged
    • Certain product types


The process of exchange is subject to the seller’s policy and to the nature of the product and thus, the customer should be aware of the exchange policy before purchase.
Fleuriste, as a vendor, permits exchange and its policy is subject to the nature and type of product and usually allows for exchange between 7 to 14 days. Consumer must refer to the return and exchange condition of each item before purchase.

If exchange is permissible, the vendor will request the courier to collect the item and once it has been received and inspected by the vendor himself/herself, the exchanged item will be shipped.
The returning and redelivering fee is subject to the seller’s policy.
If exchange is not available, the consumer has the option to return the item and place a new order with reference to the seller’s policy on return.


The method and process of refund depends on the payment method used for purchase.
• Credit/Debit Card: Payments can be refunded back either to the same card within 5-20 business days or be processed once accepted as credit note by either Fleuriste or the vendor depending on the status of the order.

  • Cash on Delivery: The refund will be issued as credit note. If the reason of cancellation/return is not due to vendors’ fault, shipping and COD charges will be deducted from the payment, unless vendor policy permits waiving.

Customers will receive full refund in cases where:

  • The item was not delivered within the delivery time promised by the seller
    • Item is damaged, defective, counterfeit or not as described by the seller
    • Wrong item has been delivered
    • Order cancellation prior to processing and/or shipping or within the time-frame specified within the invoice
    • Order cancellation due to change in description after order has been placed or if a typographical error is made
    If error is caused by the seller, he/she shall bear the costs of delivering, returning, repairing and all costs incurred in recovering the product or refund the customer.
    If return/cancellation is due to other reasons, such as change of mind and/or non-satisfaction, refund is subject to the seller’s policy.


In cases of defect and/or damage, the item will be inspected before refund is issued.


The consumer is provided with several options for delivery, which include:
• Standard Delivery
• Express Delivery
Fleuriste will endeavor to deliver products within the specified time-frame unless circumstances beyond its control occur.

Raising a Complaint:

If the consumer is not satisfied with the product or is in dispute with the vendor and cannot resolve the issue amongst themselves, he/she can contact Fleuriste via the Support Services where we have dedicated staff members whose goal is to provide and ensure customer satisfaction. Fleuriste will investigate the situation and help reach a resolution through amicable means.
The consumer shall try to resolve the dispute with the vendor first before contacting Fleuriste.